Payment of Services

Hosting has for you Softaculous
One is a software that allows the installation of applications Web just by a click.
It offers an ample variety of applications, as for example solutions of electronic commerce, systems of management of contents, websites, blogs, surveys, forums, among others.

Also it can be in charge of the facilities of other car-installers. It has a easy way to realise backup copies, being allowed to accede at any time to them.

Why to use Softaculous?

With this tool software packages as WordPress and Joomla can be installed easily. It realises an installation process that on the Web includes the creation of the data base and the allocation of permissions on the content.

The majority of the applications in Softaculous is of open code and available without cost they can be eliminated or desinstaladas when you decide it.

How I accede to Softaculous?
All the new plans Web of include Softaculous.

If it contracted some of our services, Softaculous is available in its Control Panel cPanel.

It knows here the packages that can be installed through Softaculous.