Payment of Services

Standard servers VPS

The intermediate step between hosting and a Dedicated Servant, freedom to form to size, independence and autonomy
From: $79.900 monthly + IVA
2 GB Ram
50 GB Space
Limitless Transference
Endorsement of security (*)
Qualified Certificate SSL
Activation in 24 hours
License WHM and CPANEL Free
Telephone support 24x7x365

Additional services:
Operating system: CentOs Linux
Configurable servant 100%
Full Acceso to Root
SSH access
New Cpanel Paper Lantern
Guaranteed Uptime: annual 99.85%
Setup of servant: Free (*)

An endorsement becomes of complete servant VPS 1 time per week, as measurement of provención in case of catastrophe. He is recommendable that the client directly forms his own endorsements in his servant, since the “Endorsement of Security? does not allow to reclaim simpler things as accounts of post office or content Web.
It connects National: 2 xs 1GB Duplex with load balance
It connects the International: 85 Mbps Shared
Width of Banda Nacional Máximo 20 Mbps.
Width of Banda Nacional Mínimo Garantizado 5 Mbps.
Width of Banda Internacional Máximo 1 Mbps
Width of Banda Internacional Mínimo Garantizado 512 Kbps.

1 IP Determines Exclusive right
Own Datacenter in our offices in Santiago de
2nd external and independent Datacenter to keep endorsements (additional service)
Optical fiber double bond
It connects National: 2 xs 1GB
It connects the International: 85 Mbps Shared
Balance of loads by superfluous connections
Generator set of endorsement
Superfluous cooling system
UPS for all our servers
Guaranteed Annual Uptime of 99,85%

Uptime Average of last 12 months 99.98%
Filter mail: $7.900 monthly + IVA
External Backup de Seguridad: From $19,900 monthly + IVA
Administration of Servant $39,900 monthly + IVA.
Discs SSD (solid) $9,900 monthly + IVA.

Additional Fixed IP $9,900 monthly + IVA.
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Quote (pdf)

To ask for Standard Servant VPS
Period to pay
Semester payment $431,460 + IVA
Annual payment $767,040 + IVA
Biennial payment $1.284.792 + IVA

[33% of discount]
Additional services to your Plan
Activation of AntiSpam system Filter Mail

[Biennial Payment $189,600 + IVA]
Type of Administration
Standard administration on the part of Hosting

[Biennial Payment $957,600 + IVA]
Activation Discs SSD

Service of quality hosting
[Biennial Payment $237,600 + IVA]

What is a VPS?
One is a “integrated virtual servant? in a physical servant who lodges other virtual servers. Each VPS is completely separated of the other virtual servers. It has a use reserved of capacity of storage (disc), ram memory and processor.

Service of quality hosting
All business, company, lie down online or website with high traffic Web or of post office would have to consider to migrate of hosting shared a servant VPS.

Advantages of VPS
Not only it provides major freedom to install customized software that you could not do in hosting shared, but you among others inherit privileges of root that allows you to form, to install, to reinitiate and to adapt to your taste the system and to create your own safety ruleses.

Service of quality hosting
In addition to giving to autonomy and independence since an IP of exclusive connection, guaranteed Ram memory is included and resources of CPU.

In order to consider
Before deciding on a VPS, you must consider if you have the technical knowledge necessary to be able to administer its servant, if you do not have them is advisable to think about contracting a service of administration, since it allows to save time and resources for the correct configuration of security and optimization of the system.

Service of quality hosting
This is very important because to leave your VPS without a correct configuration it implies enormous risks.

Solid discs SSD