Payment of Services

Servant Dedicated Black R610 (Dell PowerEdge R610 or similar)

This servant is famous for being extraordinarily stable. Its impressive power and physical centres satisfy until the demanding requirements but.

It has two sources of being able superfluous and by all means it counts on Discs Solidos and SATA to give the best possible yield.
From: $499.900 monthly + IVA
48 GB Ram
2 Xeon Processors
12 Physical Centres
2HDD of 1TB Discs
15 TV Monthly Traffic
Source of Being able Superfluous
2 HDD of 480 GB SSD (Rhelp by Hardware)

Conditions of the Service
It connects National: 2 xs 1GB Duplex with load balance
It connects the International: 85 Mbps Shared
Width of Banda Nacional Máximo 20 Mbps.
Width of Banda Nacional Mínimo Garantizado 5 Mbps.
Width of Banda Internacional Máximo 1 Mbps
Width of Banda Internacional Mínimo Garantizado 512 Kbps.

1 IP Determines Exclusive right
Own Datacenter in our offices in Santiago de
2nd external and independent Datacenter to keep endorsements (additional service)
Optical fiber double bond
Balance of loads by superfluous connections
Generator set of endorsement
Superfluous cooling system
UPS for all our servers
Guaranteed Annual Uptime of 99,85%

Uptime Average of last 12 months 99.98%
An availability of Network of the service of the 99,9% is guaranteed. In case one is not fulfilled this real availability you will be applied the following penalties:
Nonavailability of the service per month:

Between 2 and 5 hours

10% discount
Between 6 and 24 hours

50% discount
Between 24 and 48 hours

100% discount
More than 48 hours

200% discount
The time of network nonavailability will be entered since the client notifies of the problem to Prism-Web by means of a ticket sent to the support department.
Incidences of hardware/software in the servant: Prism-Web assures that a qualified technician will be available to respond to the incidences of the client in a maximum time of 2 hours during the schedule of 9:00 until the 18:00 hours. of Monday through Friday and 8 hours in the rest of schedules telling from that the incidence is notified by some of the indicated routes previously.
The breach of the response time on the part of Prism-Web gives right the client to demand monthly 1% by hourly of delay of the amount of the invoice of the servant.
Exceptions: the clients will not have any return by the possible uselessness of the service when:
- He is caused directly by the activity of the client.

- Accomplishment of tasks of maintenance for which it will be let know the client in advance and maintenance in emergency preferably via email.
The services will only be lent for Linux-Cpanel platforms. The post office will be exclusi_hostingva of Prism-Web and the client cannot take part. In case the client takes part immediately the service of administration is annulled.
When administering the Servant we counted on the faculty to suspend or to eliminate an account of post office that is sent massive mail and puts in risk the good operation of the servant.
Servers VPS administered by Prism-Web have a limit and shipment of 1,000 post office per hour. The Dedicated Servers administered by Prism-Web have a limit and shipment of 3,000 post office per hour.

The blockade of the assigned IP product of shipment of massive mail is this intentional one or virus product is not responsibility of Prism-Web.
Prism-Web will not be responsible for any content of the servant. Even though we formed the service of backups is the client who periodically will have to guard to have endorsed all their information including website, data bases post office and all the information lodged in his servant.
The total time spent to the servant at issue hour cannot surpass in any case the equivalent to 3 or 6 man to the month following the contracted plan.
The hours man used are not considered for this time to provide solution to problems derived from problems of Hardware.
They are possible to be done up to 5 recoveries of backups in the period of 1 month.

Not this consi_hostingderado support for websites, programming, instalacions of CMS (as joomla or WordPress) nor the disinfection of websites. These events consider extras and in case of being required it will be received separate according to the tariff of each case.

“The minimum period of hiring of this service is of 3 months.
› Unloading here the detail of your plan of Dedicated Enterprise:
Quote (pdf)

Cost of Setup $39,900 + IVA
It includes assembly in datacenter of Servant.
Installation of operating system Windows or Linux according to asks for the client (it does not include the license).
For Linux Servers it includes installation of WHM Cpanel (it does not include the license).

Configuration of DNS for servers with WHM.

To ask for Plan Dedicated Servant Enterprise
Period to pay
Semester payment $2.699.460 + IVA
Annual payment $4.799.040 + IVA
Biennial payment $8.038.392 + IVA

[33% of discount]

Service of Support only for Linux servers and cPanel
Type of Administration
Standard administration on the part of Hosting
[Biennial Payment $1.437.600 + IVA]
Additional services to your Plan
IP Fixes Additional

[Biennial Payment $159,000 + IVA]
Operating system:
License of WHM-Cpanel (limitless domains)
License Windows Server 2008
License Windows Server 2008 + SQL Server 2008

[Biennial Payment $1.440.000 + IVA]
External endorsement of servers:
1 weekly Endorsement outside your servant of 50 Gb
1 weekly Endorsement outside your servant of 100 Gb
1 weekly Endorsement outside your servant of 500 Gb

[Biennial Payment $2.877.600 + IVA]
Filed of SecurityBox Mail:
Filed of SecurityBox Mail

[Biennial Payment $957,600 + IVA]