Payment of Services

Endorsement of Dedicated Servers and in Housing
It protects the total of the information of your business against unexpected losses.

From $29,900 monthly + IVA you can protect all the information of his dedicated servant.
To maintain backups of its servers outside them is something vital for the operation of a dedicated servant.
The information of its company cannot depend on a single servant. To have a recovery policy before disasters is fundamental for all company.

Prism-Web provides this service through system R1Soft Backup Manager, Software leader in the market with the exclusive technology CDP (Continuous Data Protection) that allows to recover the endorsed data at any time. It even allows to directly raise all the services endorsed in another servant.

better support hosting
Your plan chooses according to: your space of disc and the endorsements per week that you need ENDORSEMENT X WEEK 50 GB 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB
1000 GB
$ 189.900
$ 246.900

(*) Price of Setup on watch is of $49,900 + IVA and it is only received once. If she is client of Prism-Web the Setup is free.
By means of a Control Panel very easy to use you can recover what needs in real time without depending on anybody.

If his servant physically stopped responding is possible to reclaim the totality of the same in another physical machine of very easy and safe form.

How Work this does service?
The servant forms itself so that I sent a copy of all the selected information to our servers of endorsement. This task program generally at dawn of someday in particular of the week. On the following day the same system reviews the integrity of backup made to have security of which everything was correctly transferred. This operation is repeated following the plan that the client wants to contract (1, 2 or 7 times per week).

The system maintains kept the equivalent to the endorsements generated in 1 month on watch. For example if you choose a plan of 1 endorsement to the week the system will keep up to 4 endorsements that will be available to rescue information. Whenever it is generated a new endorsement will eliminate but the old one.

As how much space I am needed?

Generally to maintain 4 weekly endorsements available requires between 1,5 and 2 times the total space. For example if I have information that weighs 50 Gb and want to have kept 4 weekly endorsements I need to contract the 100 plan of Gb.

System of Backup for Servers

Endorsements concerning block

The endorsements concerning block omit the file system and directly read data from the disc or volume. This means that endorsements in spite of the number of archives can be created quickly that want to keep.

Replication Disk Safe

Disk Safe can be talked back completely for the storage outside site without having to be offline, giving to the users the freedom to realise a replication without fear to lose information.

Recovered fast

It recovers systems that many whole archives or servers with Beach-Metal Restore use quickly. Recovered of granular archives. It even recovers while it realises an endorsement.

Interface of the Control Panel

Safe local authentication of users. It activates the backup & recovery “self service? for users. Integration with popular Control Panels Linux (cPanel, Plesk, InterWorx and more)

Continuous protection of data

The servant of endorsements directly works at a block level omitting the file system and reading data from the disc or volume. The endorsement concerning block has advantages on other traditional technologies of endorsement, including greater rapidity to complete an operation of endorsement.

Verification Disk Safe

Its information monitors to assure that it does not corrupt. The verification Disk Safe can be programmed so that it runs periodically so that it detects and it alerts in case of some corruption. This reduces the necessity to realise restorations of test, and it gives to confidence in integrity and ability him to recover his information.

Support multi-platform

Server Backup Manager supports physical and virtual servers who run Microsoft Windows and the majority of the variants of Linux, including kernels customized. Many popular platforms of virtualization are supported, including VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Parallels Virtuozzo and Parallels Cloud Server, offering a good cover to the suppliers of hosting and services. Support for endorsements in MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange also is including in the nucleus of the product.