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Powerful Manager of Post office Online (Webmail)
POWERMAIL is another exclusive tools of Prism-Web, allows to review in easy and efficient form all the mail that maintains in its servant. It can accede from any computer, he is very fast, it has calendar and manager of tasks, all 100% personalizable.

It must enter to and only enter the access data to his mail.

Service of quality hosting
Services of Web hosting for people and companies in Prism-Web

Telephone support

Service of quality hosting
Only company of hosting that has call Center of attention the 24 hours of the day, the 365 days of the year.

Uptime Certificate

Service of quality hosting
The independent company Sentry Web certifies uptime of all our Servers.


Service of quality hosting
We completely helped you in the migration of your website from other suppliers to Prism-Web free.

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