Payment of Services

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How to pay with Paypal?

Firstly it enters the Clients Area of Prism-Web:
Soon it enters the access data that we sent to him of our area of client, these data are not the same one that use for Cpanel (if it does not know them can ask for them automatically entering the authorized mail).
Once logeado it must enter the option “Notes of Sales? in the part superior of the screen, soon to “My notes of sale?. Here they will appear to him all the pending notes of sale. In the last part of or notes it appears a button that says “Note Details of Sale?, please makes click there.
In the sale note, underneath the phrase “Phelp? you cannot select “Paypal? and automatically it will appear a small button that says: “Paypal Check Out?

If the option “Paypal? as form of payment is already selected, simply it makes click in the button that says “to Paypal Check Out? this will take it to the website of Paypal where you will have to make the payment of the service.