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Activation, Payment and Invoicing

Activation, Payment and Invoicing

How I ask for a service of hosting?
It is very simple selects the plan of hosting that you want from our website and you ask for it directly. In less than 30 minutes your service will be active. In this period of time it will receive the post office of accesses and payment.
It remembers that it is very important that the data that fill in the form are real, because on that depends the activation of the service.

Also it remembers to verify that the post office are not received as Spam or not wished.

How I can pay?
It can pay by means of I deposit or transference in our checking account. Informaciín of the account is sent to him in the mail of welcome and the note of sale.
From the zone of clients you can review the details of the account at any time.

Once realised the payment this Notification of Payment? of nuesto is due to notify in the section “website. This is the only form to validate its transaction.

Forms of payment
The payment of the services of hosting becomes by means of deposit or banking electronic transference to our checking account.
The data of the checking account would arrive to him via mail at the mail that registry in the request of the plan along with its data of activation.
In case of misleading this information it can ask for it to [email protected] directly
It remembers to inform all payments in our webpage or in the main page doing click in “Notifies their payment here?

You have 7 working days to conduct this operation (this corresponds to shared plans of hosting), counted from the moment that we qualified its services.

As paying with Paypal 
Firstly he enters the Clients Area of Prism-Web:

Soon it enters the access data that we sent to him of our area of client, these data are not the same one that use for Cpanel (if it does not know them can ask for them automatically entering the authorized mail).
Once logeado it must enter the option “Notes of Sales? in the part superior of the screen, soon to “My notes of sale?.

Here they will appear to him all the pending notes of sale. In the last part of or notes it appears a button that says “Note Details of Sale?, please makes click there.

In the sale note, underneath the phrase “Phelp? you cannot select “Paypal? and automatically it will appear a small button that says: “Paypal Check Out?

If the option “Paypal? as form of payment is already selected, simply it makes click in the button that says “to Paypal Check Out? this will take it to the website of Paypal where you will have to make the payment of the service. 

Once it finishes doing it, it must notify his payment in:

Time of activation of shared plans of hosting
The delay average of qualification of services is of 20 to 30 minutes (in working days) from the moment that sends its request of hosting.
After this period of time it will receive the post office of accesses and payment.
It remembers that it is very important that the data that fill in the form are real, because on that depends the activation of the service.

Also it remembers to verify that the post office are not received as Spam or not wished.

Time of activation Dedicated plans
Once it makes the payment and it report in our webpage or the main page doing click in “Notifies its payment here?, the average of qualification of services is of 24 hours for Vps plans and 48 hours for dedicated Servers.

Once service is activated, will receive the corresponding accesses to their e-mail registered in the request.

Because is to notify them payment?
Dear Cliente as we indicated in the mail that we sent to his mail of contact the only form to notify a payment it is entering to and to fill the form that appears there.
Before suspending to a service this information it arrives at least 3 times at his mail of contact.
We understand that to notify his payment sometimes he can often seem tedious and you as client you can lie down to think that just by to send the notification of the bank he would be enough.

But there are many reasons for which we cannot only accept this information and that next we detailed:
1. - All the banks do not send notifications to the adressees.
2. - All the clients do not have the correct mail of our company to send these notifications.
3. - Often the holders of the accounts are not the same that the holders of a domain and if do not indicate a domain in the gloss that he sends the bank we cannot assign it to nobody.
4. - Less than half of the clients includes all the information at the time of sending supporting of payment emitted by a bank to be able to identify it.
5. - Almost no client warns if she has changed of address, turn or another information of invoicing which is translated in the cancellation of a significant amount of invoices.
6. - We periodically have a very great amount of payments as reviewing all manually.

7. - A notification can be falsified very easily so that it indicates that it comes from a bank.
By all these reasons we have created an automatic system that allows:
- To confirm that the phelp amount is assigned to a certain domain.
- The form in which the payment became.
- To directly verify the payment with the bank or Paypal
- To confirm the correct data of Invoicing

- To issue its electronic invoice.

But so that this works it is necessary that you indicate the information to us of his payment. It is by that we insisted of on way on this point and in fact it appears in the terms and conditions that you accept at the time of contracting the service. This is the best form than we have found to correctly confirm a payment and without resorting to external portals of collection that does not warn the payments immediately and receives by each transaction.

Anticipated invoice
If it requires invoice in advance must ask for it to [email protected] indicating the following data: Rut, Turn, Direction of invoicing, Domain.

The Services Public, as municipalities, must send a mail asking for it before the victory.

Hasn't My invoice arrived to me where I can request it?
If I already realise previously the payment and the notification of this payment in our website, and not yet it receives the invoice after the 5 working days of term, you can ask for a copy to [email protected] with the following data: