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Our Clients in Prism-Web

In our servers he has more than 20,000 websites than they include universities, governmental municipalities, institutions, great companies and by all means small undertakings.

Prism-Web, better hosting
We have been almost 9 years with Prism-Web and we have always had a very good attention. The support fast and is specialized. The service is very stable, we have practically had never inconvenient. They fulfill its times of uptime and respond to the requirements opportunely that we have solicitd.
Carlos Valdivia,

proprietor of

Prism-Web, better hosting
He was pleasant much to find a serious company to us where, to vary, we had a service without problems. With the service of HostingPress finally we can administer our Wordpress easily. For 4 years that we are with Prism-Web and have been 4 years on watch impeccable, the support is good and fast.
Diego Pantoja,

co-owner of

Already 6 years ago we worked with Prism-Web, count on a team of excellent people who respond all our requirements quickly and they always give the best solution.

Prism-Web, better hosting
Our website has operated to the 100% since we are in Prism-Web.
Claudia Calderon,

to webmaster of

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