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It is a tool that facilitates the interaction between your website and the mobile phones through bellboys of direct access.
Now who visit your Web will be able to communicate of a faster form, using average the most important ones that they exist today.

This it is qualified an exclusive and gratuitous service for effective clients whom they have contracted a plan of Traditional Hosting.
Service of quality hosting
Mobile Footer allows to add in any webpage a bar inferior that will be only visualized when the site is visited via movable devices. This bar contains five bellboys:
Service of quality hosting
To call by telephone
Service of quality hosting
To send mail
Service of quality hosting
Direction in the map
Service of quality hosting
To accede to Facebook

To connect itself to Twitter

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Each of these items is defined by the owner or administrator of the Web and is he, whom it defines what to install, being able to do it with all.

How Mobile FOOTER works
Once installed plugin (complement), the bar inferior of the website (to footer) will automatically appear when visiting the page from a movable device.

In order to cause that the bar inferior disappears, it is enough with giving a touch to the screen, and another touch will cause that it appears again.
Easy to install… the steps


The client of Prism-Web must enter to his cPanel with his user and key.


Once inside, to accede to “Tools of Prism-Web? and to puncture icon MF.

Clickear button To install and to enter phone number, e-mail, direction, the profile of Facebook and/or the Twitter account.
A field is due to complete at least. If it does not have the information of some of them is left in target and it will not appear that button.
It allows to choose the basic color of the bar that better resistance with the website.

hosting in
The complement will settle in the pages index that has in its folder root.

To modify data in Mobile Footer

In order to modify some of the contact data it is necessary to desinstalar Mobile Footer from cPanel and soon to return to install it. The data can be changed the times that are considered advisable.


- When visiting the site from a Tablet, will not appear the icon of telephone. This measurement is due to that the majority of the Tablet does not have access to realise telephone calls. In case it needs to qualify this function in his Tablet, contact yourself with us.

Important warning