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MAIL FILTER finishes with the Spam

Mailfilter webhosting

It blocks the post office trashes that we received at national level.

The e-mail is today the most important means of communication in the world of the businesses and the Spam by email continues being the most serious threat for the productivity and the efficiency of resources in the communication.

Taking measured concrete before Spam attacks
It blocks more of 80% of the post office trash that circulate in the network.

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It is the only filter that especially applies designed technology for the users of Prism-Web which they receive originating Spam of mainly.

It saves and obtén more space available

Web hosting
MailFilter eliminates the Spam before this one arrives at your account of mail, allowing to save space in the account of mail that, another form, would be used by folders trashes or post office that have not been asked for.

It detects new buds of Spam

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The anti-Spam processes million post office every day. MailFilter constantly applies to improvements in the security of the harvesting of the data and the analysis, detecting new landlords and identifying the threats very instantaneously.

To improve the efficiency and Productivity
With our active filter in your servant, your and your collaborators no longer they will waste the time erasing and reading mail trash every day.