Payment of Services

Housing TOWER

Prism-Web offers the possibility of lodging its servers in our Data Center by means of plans of leasing by U (so large of the servant). All this with the guarantee and service of Prism-Web, in addition to the ongoing support of our described personnel.
From: $109.900 monthly + IVA 4 U
of space 1 IP
Exclusive right 1 TV
Tránf. monthly24/7
Call CenterAdministered

Power supply:
Unit of Rack “U?: the space is moderate in units of Rack that are brief with Or and measure 1,75 inches of stop. A servant normally has dimensions that can be of 1, 2, 3 or 4 U. although there are servers even larger these are the measures more standard than they are used. In the services of Housing are given for servers who have 4U at the most, that is to say 7 inches of stop.
Complete control of the servant

Available IPv6, if you need it you can ask for IPv6 free to be preparing your transition to this new protocol

Cost of setup: $39.900 + IVA (It includes assembly in Rack, Assembly in Red and UPS)
It connects National: 2 xs 1GB Duplex with load balance
It connects the International: 85 Mbps Shared
Width of Banda Nacional Máximo 20 Mbps.
Width of Banda Nacional Mínimo Garantizado 5 Mbps.
Width of Banda Internacional Máximo 1 Mbps
Width of Banda Internacional Mínimo Garantizado 512 Kbps.

1 IP Determines Exclusive right
Own Datacenter in our offices in Santiago de
2nd external and independent Datacenter to keep endorsements
(additional service)
Optical fiber double bond
It connects National: 2 xs 1GB

It connects the International: 85 Mbps Shared
Balance of loads by superfluous connections
Generator set of endorsement
Superfluous cooling system
UPS for all our servers
Guaranteed Annual Uptime of 99,85%

Uptime Average of last 12 months 99.98%

The services of housing consider a single source of being able connected to our mains. Nevertheless there are occasions in which by security the client needs to connect two sources of being able to obtain redundancy. In these cases offers the alternative to connect its servant in housing to an UPS different to diminish fault risks. This service has an additional cost which will be informed to the client at the time of asking for its service.
› Unloading here the detail of your plan of housing or Colocation

Quote (pdf)

To ask for Housing 4U
Period to pay
Semester payment $593,500 + IVA
Annual payment $1.055.000 + IVA
Biennial payment $1.797.500 + IVA
[33% of discount]
Additional services to your Plan
External endorsement of servers:
1 weekly Endorsement outside your servant of 50 Gb
1 weekly Endorsement outside your servant of 100 Gb
1 weekly Endorsement outside your servant of 500 Gb