Payment of Services

Basic Hosting

To contract here
500 Megabyte
total space
accounts of post office
1 Domain
in car park
1 Base
Clients by Nucleus
Anti Virus

Characteristics to datacenter
1 Cuentas FTP
1 Subdominio
Cpanel in Spanish
PHP 5 – Perl 5,8 – GD - MBString
Immediate activation of the service
Limitless transference of data

We migrate your website from other suppliers
CPU i7 (Eight Nuclei)
Linux Centos - Cpanel
Harnessed ModSecurity
Firewall de Software and Hardware
Daily endorsement - Weekly and Monthly
Discs in Rhelp
Guaranteed Annual Uptime of 99,7%

Uptime Average of last 12 months 99,98%
Own Datacenter in our offices in Santiago de
Optical fiber double bond
Balance of loads by superfluous connections
National speed of 1GB and the 85 International of Mbps.
Double Generator set
Superfluous cooling system

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Comparison of Plans on watch Hosting Initial Range PLANS BASIC STANDARD
ENTREPRENEUR Price annual + IVA $59.900 $89.900
$99.900 Total space 500 Megabyte 1 GB
3 GB Transference Limitless Limitless
Services E-mail Accounts Mail Limitless Limitless
Limitless Post office per Hour 300 300
Aim of the Spam with MailFilter Including in our services of hosting shared, blocks more of 80% of the post office trash that circulate in the network
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Filter mail NO
General services Accounts FTP 1 2
4 Domain in car park 1 2
4 Sub-domains 1 2
Data base Data bases MySQL 1 2
Mobile Footer knows
Exclusive and gratuitous service of Hosting, a tool for all our clients whom the interaction between your website and the mobile phones facilitates, through bellboys of direct access.
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Mobile Footer NO
R1Soft (Management CPremote Backup copy).
The new tool that allows our clients to recover archives and folders independently.
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R1Soft(+) Aim of the Spam with MailFilter Including in our services of hosting shared, it blocks more of 80% of the post office trash that circulate in the network. Patchman NO NO
(+) We have more than 300 applications than they settle automatically in its website from its Control Panel. With a single click it will be able to install the applications but polulares for his website as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc. Softaculous Premium support NO NO
Performance of the Servant Solid discs NO NO
NO CloudLinux NO NO
NO Clients by Centre 60 60
25 Yield 3/7 3/7


  Maximum resources given by website % CPU CPU (MHz) Pmem (GB) EP NPROC
HOSTING INITIAL RANGE Basic Hosting 13 1000 0,5 15 100
1024 Standard Hosting 15 1500 0,8 30 100
1024 Enterprising Hosting 20 2500 1,5 40 100
1024 Enterprising Hosting Webpay 20 2500 1,5 40 100


Service of quality hosting
Services of Web hosting for people and companies in Prism-Web

Telephone support

Service of quality hosting
Only company of hosting that has call Center of attention the 24 hours of the day, the 365 days of the year.

Uptime Certificate

Service of quality hosting
The independent company Sentry Web certifies uptime of all our Servers.


Service of quality hosting
We completely helped you in the migration of your website from other suppliers to Prism-Web free.

Neutral carbon