Payment of Services


1- What is CloudFlare? How it is qualified?

CloudFlare is a gratuitous system that acts as proxy (intermediary) between the visitors of the site and the servant. When acting as proxy, CloudFlare temporarily keeps static content from the site, which diminishes the number of requests to the servant but it continues allowing the visitors the access to the site.
How it is qualified?

CloudFlare can be qualified directly from cPanel, the icon is under the section “Tools of Prism-Web?, simply is due to select later to register the account, and he is everything!
Advantages of the CloudFlare system
Performance of the Improved Site: CloudFlare has located servers proxy around the world. The servers proxy are located near the visitors, consequently these will be able to load the direct fastest site of the servers proxy. “While faster he loaded a site, the visitor will remain in this by more time.? 
Protection against Amenazas and Bots: CloudFlare uses data of the “Project Honey Pot? and other sources of third parties, as well as data of its community to identify malicious threats and to stop attacks before these arrive at the sites. Threats will be able to be seen it that are being stopped through CloudFlare from: Proteccin for “Commentaries Spam?: CloudFlare uses data of sources of third parties to reduce the number of “commentaries Spam? in the site.
It alerts to Visitors of Infected Computers: Alert CloudFlare to the visitors when these accede from an infected computer so that they take immediate actions. The visitor will be able to enter a “Captcha? to enter the site.
Way of Offline Navigation: In the event of which our servers are not available, the visitors will be able to continue acceding the site since CloudFlare will serve the site from its base.
Diminution of Uso of CPU: Since there would be less requests to our servers, this will diminish the consumption of CPU of each account.

New Statistics of the Site: With CloudFlare it will be possible to be had tools to evaluate the traffic that exists of visitors towards the site and in addition will count on statistics for “crawlers of tools search? and threats.
Limitations of CloudFlare
At the moment, the requests must be redirigidas to www.$dominio instead of $dominio (which can mean that some changes of configuration are due to realise).
CloudFlare can affect some programs of statistical intern that read logs of Apache directly. CloudFlare will not affect programs of analyses based on Web that use Javascript or Google Analytics. Whereas logs is going to reflect less requests to the servant and less load, the experience towards the visitors of the sites will remain equal.
CloudFlare keeps static content from the site. This reduces the load in the servant and means that if a change becomes of an existing static file as an image, a small delay can exist in which the change appears. *Mientras becomes an update can be formed CloudFlare in Way of Development so that the change appears inmediatamente.*

The basic way of CloudFlare cannot handle certificates SSL. If it is needed to use a certificate SSL, the part of the site must be in a subdomain that is not protected.
For more information it is possible to be consulted:

How deshabilito CloudFlare in my domain?

From the Control Panel Cpanel click in the button becomes of CloudFlare. There is the main domain (and subdomains if it has been chosen before). Click in the icon becomes that has an orange cloud. At the time of already changing of color to gray deshabilitó. If it is wanted to return to qualify is necessary to make click in the cloud again so that returned to the orange color.

How much cost the CloudFlare does protection?
For basic protection, CloudFlare is completely free for the clients of Prism-Web.

Nevertheless some additional characteristics (support SSL for CloudFlare and Actualizaciones in real time of Estadísiticas) can require of an additional payment.

I need to change my DNS to use CloudFlare?
There are two ways to use CloudFlare: Basic way and Advanced Way.
The Basic Way does not require the change of DNS. The basic way is formed from cPanel.