To contract $29,900 annual + IVA

Service of quality hosting

If you are client of Prism-Web Instalamos the certificate in your website!
76% of the users of Internet use the navigators

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

With the last updates of these two navigators, a message is the visitors that it indicates that the site “is not safe?.

Service of quality hosting
Service of quality hosting
better hosting

With a certificate SSL you will be able to make sure that is a message indicating that your website “Is safe?.

Other functions of certificate SSL:
Encryption of data: All the information of the visitors will be safe.

Authenticity of your website: It increases the probabilities of filling of forms and diminishes the rate by ricochet.

What I must know on certificate SSL?
A certificate SSL could increase the probabilities of improving search engine optimization as Google.
It protects all the content that is under the main domain, including internal folders.
Once bought for a domain in particular, you cannot change it for another domain or a subdomain of the same.
When contracting a Certificate SSL for your website, this will only protect that only domain and not its subdomains.