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Prism-Web We are Neutral Carbon


We develop an environmental policy that defines ours to act enterprise.

Hosting has been united to Climatecare to compensate the total of resulting CO2 emissions of the operation of our company.

Climatecare funds projects of green energy, efficiency energetics and recovery of forests around the world to neutralize emissions of CO2 to name of Prism-Web, projects that not only reduce carbon emissions, but also that obtain a difference in the life of the people.

We create firmly that the climate change is a subject urgency that involves us to all, reason why we are made present applying the following measures:

Program of recycling
Aligned firmly to it brings back to consciousness environmental that defines Prism-Web tells us on a program of recycling of unsuitable material. All the components that we terminate are donated for their reusability or to be recyclings.

If they are interested in components in disuse, contact to you with us.

Program of transport

With the aim of motivating to our equipment to reduce the carbon track generated because of the mobilization from and towards our offices, Prism-Web offers different incentives from those employees who use means of transport nonpolluting to arrive at their job.

We have changed the cooling gas of the system of air conditioning of our datacenter by R 410a. The advantages of this new gas are:
• It does not contain chlorine
• He is not inflammable nor toxic